Belong is one of the world’s most innovative and fastest-growing international student accommodation and services companies. Founded in Sydney Australia by a diverse team of former international students, we aim to help students "Live Better and Study Better”. We want our student to feel like they belong in the local community.

What makes Belong different

High-quality apartments, not just student dorms: Rather than small student dorm rooms, Belong specialises in high-end, new or near-new residential apartments that are fully furnished, convenient, safe and comfortable.

Exceptional service: We help students settle into their new homes as comfortably and conveniently as possible. We understand first-hand how challenging and frightening it can be to move to a new country to study. We offer online help in both English and Chinese, as well as a range of events, training and other value-add services to help you integrate better with your local community.

Belong Guarantee: we guarantee:

  • 100% legally-compliant lease agreements and bonds registered with government rental bond authorities;
  • maximum of 2 students per room and no living in communal spaces;
  • ability to swap room-mates if you are not compatible;
  • Safe, secure buildings.

Our Leadership

Belong’s leadership are some of the most experienced and qualified professionals in the industry.

Jenny Jia is a former international student and editor for Sydney Today, the largest Wechat news channel in Australia. She is a marketing specialist who is passionate about helping international students.

Nicolas Zurstrassen spent 20 years in China running the digital and e-commerce departments of brands such as Nike, IHG and Baozun. He understands the Chinese consumer and how to communicate with and motivate them.

Betzy Olivier is an experienced professional having worked with international students in the property sector for over 8 years. She has managed large scale operations benefiting thousands of students across Australia and the UK, which has given her a deep understanding of international students’ needs.




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